Dia 18-20


The past few days have been really nice beach days but we also have been studying on the beach, because we had three exams yesterday. All three went pretty well I’d say, and then we all booked it directly to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Last night I tried to collect my money from Western Union and had a really big problem trying to get it from the ladies….all I needed was my passport and my transaction number, and the ladies were telling me they couldn’t give it to me. The only way I got my money was by crying a little and saying “no puedo salir sin dinero” and telling the lady I was alone in Spain without my family and needed money. “Magically” the third ladies computer began working…

Last night the group met up at O’Connell’s again but Ally, Madeline, Beth, and I headed home at a decent time while the rest of the group kept on going and headed to La Punta, one of the clubs for the locals. We are currently on the bus to Granada this morning and are thanking God we went back early….the rest of the group on the bus right now didn’t get home until 5, and others 7 am…..! Anyways, I’m excited to see Granada, we’re staying overnight and I know we’ve got a picnic, some cathedrals, and La Alhombra (a huge palace for the sultans) to see this weekend!

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