Dia 27

Ayer, un porción del grupo y yo fuimos a Tarifa durante el día. Es posible que era mi lugar favorito del viaje…. ¡en serio! El agua en Tarifa (del mar) estaba muy claro, lo mas que yo he visto en mi vida. Era mi sueno a ver agua tan claro. Había mucho sol pero no bastante calor que Cádiz. La situación entera era ideal y perfecta. Hoy la mayoría del grupo esta quemada, pero el viaje a Tarifa era buenísimo así que no le importa. Mackenzie y yo deseamos un día muy relajado hoy porque su madre no esta en casa y no tenemos mucha tarea. Es muy triste que hay solo una semana mas del viaje a España…este semana pasara muy rápido también.

Yesterday we went to TARIFA, the southern-most point of Spain.  Literally it could not have been a more exciting experience, it was the first time I had ever been in clear blue ocean water.  We could walk out all the way to where we could barely stand and still see our toes clearly.  I’ve dreamed of that! The beach eventually got busy but it was giant and so it didn’t matter.  On the left you could see the large rocks and port that you leave from to head to Morocco (you can see Morocco from the beach we were on!) and on the right you can see a big mountain in the distance.  We arrived there around 9ish on a bus (it was about an hour and a half drive) and we didn’t leave until 8 that night.  Some of our group went to Morocco and rode camels and everything , which looked like a blast, but due to the security precautions and the fact that the MundoLengua people advised us not to go, we figured it was best to play it safe this time.

Yesterday was the first day I actually got a little burnt here! The sun didn’t really spare a single person in the group…with the exception of Mackenzie! haha

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