Dia 32

Today has been different from the standard day here and it was a lot of fun.  After we took our two finals, Mackenzie and I headed to Playa Victoria, the nicer beach you can take the bus to reach, and we spent the majority of the day there with beautiful sand, nicer water, more wind, and fewer people than Caleta.  Ally and Madeline joined us for the last two hours until 8 rolled around.  At 8 some of the Denver MundoLengua students and Montmouth students joined a group of Davidson students for an organized futbol (soccer) game on the beach!  The beach has soccer goals and areas set up along the beach, as well as volleyball nets.  Some of the locals even joined in.

After everyone was hot and sweaty after the 7-3 game, we all went swimming in the ocean in our clothes as the sun was sweating.  Playa Victoria is beautiful.


Tomorrow we have our last final and final day in Cadiz…..que triste!

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